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If you have ever dreamed of owning your own massive DVD porn collection, the time to wake up and enjoy the fruits of your fantasies is right now! VideosZ is exactly the porn collection you have always wished you had in your porn DVD archive with thousands of hours of top quality xxx entertainment and the best site interface design of all time.

Just how big is your VideosZ membership? 8,773 entire porn DVDs from all of the top studios works out to 52,475 scenes already live on the site with 5 complete DVDs added to the collection every day, 365 days each year! That’s already an amazing amount of content and if you wanted to download it all to your own hard drive you’d need 37,287,045 MB of free disk space! Thankfully, your membership allows you to watch it all any time online or download any scene you really enjoy for your permanent collection.

Having access to that much raw xxx porn can be a blessing and a curse, depending on the power of the interface it includes. Thankfully, VideosZ really does things the right way. A strong search engine lets you find any scene within only a few seconds. Browse by model, studio, genre, or find scenes using the original text descriptions of the action that are provided with every single update. Then the site goes even deeper, but letting members ‘like’ scenes and tracking popularity metrics. So you can find the scenes that are the most popular or interactively add your vote to the system with just a click.

The only drawback to the site is the fact that the scenes are all DVD content. So technically, they aren’t exclusive porn you can’t see anywhere else. However, with a collection this large, there isn’t really a difference between 40,000 scenes you never saw before from a DVD collection or an exclusive collection… to you it’s all new and it’s damn sexy!

Network access really doesn’t apply to a site as large as VideosZ. More than 50,000 scenes and another 20-40 new scenes added every day already make this site larger than any other. If you sit down and decide to watch every scene on the site it would take you 2.3 years of continuous viewing to go through it all… and that doesn’t include all the new updates on the way!

The biggest and best porn DVD site ever constructed, VideosZ is an all you can eat buffet of xxx entertainment that is guaranteed to leave you feeling full, satisfied and relieved every single time you sign on.

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    Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, Xvid

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Site Ratings

Content Quality 18/20
Amount Of Content 10/10
Membership Value 29/30
Content Exclusivity 7/10
Video Content 10/10
Picture Content 6/10
Site Design/Navigation 10/10
Final Score: 90/100


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